Weekly Seminar

Our DMIS lab has weekly seminars where members share their research projects related to data mining through presentation. Our aim is to facilitate a better academic and synergestic atmosphere where members can exchange their various research ideas through discussion. It is also a good opportunity to sharpen not only their research but also their presentation skills.
Anyone who is interested may attend our weekly seminar which is held on Fridays.
Below are one of the topics that has been discussed in our previous seminars.

Previously Discussed Seminar Topics
2018.06.01 Font Generation 박용규
2018.05.25 Gene Fusion Detection 김선규
2018.05.16 ResiamNet: Drug Response Similarity Prediction based on Siamese Neural Network 전민지
2018.05.11 NETS: Neural Event Time Scheduler 김동현
2018.05.04 Mutation Diagnosis Marker 박성준
2018.04.27 BioText Relation Extraction 김나영
2018.04.20 Calendar Event Time Prediction and Biomedical Entity Search 김동현
2018.04.06 ChemProt DREAM Challenge and varDrugPub 임상락
2018.03.30 Machine Learning for Curing Diseases 전민지
2018.03.23 Deep Learning on Medical Images 정휘진


Our DMIS lab has weekly study sessions for academic purposes.
Anyone interested, please contact the coordinator of each study session.

On-going Study Sessions
NLP Paper Review
Hyunjae Kim (hyunjae-kim@korea.ac.kr)
To understand basic concepts, tasks and applications of NLP.
Automatic Recommendation Task
Raehyun Kim (lhkim20@gmail.com)
To discover various recommendation tasks applied with machine learning(?)
Deep Learning Book
Hyunjae Kim (nowkim92@gmail.com)
To develop a sharper insight in deep learning through reading materials(Deep Learning by Goodfellow)
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Jinhyuk Lee (jinhyuk_lee@korea.ac.kr)
To get a grasp of how to apply machine learning to pattern recognition tasks